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Month: April 2016

How to navigate around your host in their home.

Sequel to my last post here are some points on how to navigate in the house of your host without stepping on their toes, and in case you are experiencing some friction where you are presently being accommodated, I would suggest you try out some of these methods and I hope you and your host enjoy a better rapport afterwards. Continue reading

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Should they have barred you from their home?

To my friends and blog visitors who are not Africans, this post might be a little weird so pardon me, I just need to address this issue to my target audience, Africans, most especially my country people,Nigerians.

It’s high time we begin to call out some of the little foxes that are spoiling the vine of marriages in Nigerian homes, and this post is the first of such, please expect more of this in the nearest future. Continue reading

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Raised by a single mom and not ashamed

I have come across people in the journey of my life, I mean friends, acquaintances and even elderly people,  that wanted me to apologize or dwell in apology for coming from a broken home, I wonder now  if they were the ones that came from a broken home, or was it their broken home?  So why do they want me to be apologetic for something that was not my doing, something I had no control over? Kai (gosh) my eyes have seen in this my life sha lol(I have seen a lot in this life). Continue reading

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Cyber Bullies

It’s amazing the extent of anger some people direct over another person or group of people on the internet.

Honestly I am serious, people they haven’t met, or ever even meet, they carry this amount of anger and emit some vituperation that would leave you reeling. Continue reading

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Mom, toddler(s)and a pastor’s wife

I celebrate you mom, I celebrate you from the bottom of my heart. I am awed by your heart of service. How do you do it?  How do you keep it all together?

How do you manage being a wife, a mom of toddler(s) and the wife of a pastor?

Words cannot describe how much of a super mom you are for holding it all together.

What grace, what mercy, how blessed are you amongst women. Continue reading

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You are hurting yourself If you are still compromising.

It  took me lots of lessons before I learnt that compromising my believes, values and morals  about some certain things in life in other to make other people comfortable would always back fire and spiral me into unending hurt and bitterness.

I am an empath and I get burdened with people’s  burden and just feel a natural knack to lift it off them.

I could do anything to make people feel better, and I expected everyone to be like this towards me. Continue reading

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