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Month: April 2017

Daddy, do you really love your children?

One of the disadvantages of ascribing the role of raising children to the woman in the African society is that it breeds fathers who end up getting emotionally detached from their children. I have seen how men who are involved in parenting their children become so attached and deeply bonded with their kids. Parenting their kids might not necessarily mean them always getting down to the nitty gritty all the time due to the nature of their job or profession, but this category of men make conscious effort to get involved in bonding with their children and they have mapped out a time for bonding with the kids.   Continue reading

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Claustrophobia the devil (The final saga)

I am sorry dear friends for bringing this late contrary to my promise, please come with me and let’s  go on the ride of the final saga lol, you can find the link to part 1 and 2 here respectively HERE and HERE

My most terrifying experience with travelling by flight happened in 2013. I was travelling to Europe with a Lufthansa flight. I was elated because I have heard good things about Luftansa so I was prepared to thoroughly enjoy my flight. On boarding the flight, there were two hefty men at the two different aisle. They were not part of the crew, so I was wondering who they were. I asked around and someone said they were security agent placed inside the plane to ensure security, and “I am like which one is this again?” (what Is this) Well I shrugged it off and sought to enjoy the flight. Continue reading

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