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Instinct can be defined as a way of behaving, thinking, or feeling that is not learned

  • a natural desire or tendency that makes you want to act in a particular way
  • something you know without learning it or thinking about it
  • a natural ability

Our instinct is one of the greatest gift we have as humans, and if you are going to unleash your full potential and treasures you need to unlock your instinct and unleash it.

Understand that unleashing your full instinct would distinguish you, make people love you, it would also make many people uncomfortable. You carry something different when your instinct is fully unleashed so expect that in the world of humans many people are going to be uncomfortable with you.

As a writer, I have personally discovered that the only way to unleash my instinct is to write from my soul, and you can only unleash your full instinct in writing if you don’t write to please people.

I personally discovered that if you write to please people, or you become a political writer, you can’t fully unleash your potentials or unearth your treasures in the field of writing.

Instinct is so powerful and it adds distinctiveness to whatever you are doing when it’s unleashed.

Have you watched some of these reality shows?

Let me use Project fame for example. 2014 project fame had a lot of contestants who stood out. However there are some particular rendition that some contestants stood out more than the other.

An example was Geoffrey the winner for that year and Christian the second runner-up. Geoffrey performed a song by Majek Fashek, the title was Genesis.

OMG, that performance was distinct. He unleashed his instinct and up till today I can’t get enough of that particular rendition of his, he outdid the owner of the song. That was his best for me, that rendition endeared him to many voters, no wonder he became the winner for that year.

His costume, his actions and dramatization for that particular performance was so instinctive , so mind-blowing. The judges were awe-struck they could not understand him, the power of instinct is indescribable. It takes you into another realm entirely and makes you do what no one has ever done before.

Christian’s rendition on that particular day was also mind-blowing. The way he was jumping, his entrance I can’t even describe it. He acted like a brilliant man soaked in his drunken awareness.

I don’t know if I am making sense hahhaha. This particular Christian also unleashed his instinct when he was on probation at the beginning and he was still holding back. His probation performance had him removing his shoes on stage when it got to a point and he performed like a mad man. That performance turned around the belief of everyone watching the show and even the judges were blown away and had to remove him from probation.

Dear friend your INSTINCT is powerful. God put it there, don’t downplay it. Use it POSITIVELY, unleash it, and watch you become a person of distinction at whatever you do.

I have unleashed my instinct and that is why I am here today.

I am still unleashing it that is why I can write the way I do, and create my unique style of writing.

Make no mistake unleashing your instinct does not translate to automatic love.


As a matter of fact depending on your field of expertise it could gain you enemies, however it would gain you the right people and take you to the right places. That is all that counts and matter.

So what are you waiting for?

Unleash your instinct today and SOAR!

I await your winning story.

Have a beautiful day ahead.

Here is the link to Geoffrey’s performance of Genesis HERE

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Have you read my eBook on sexual harassment?

You can download a free copy here

Sexual harassment for women in schools and at the work place in Nigeria OLUWATOSIN ARODUDU

  • Hadar Creations Publishing

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Do you know that your life will change from inside out once you believe you can do anything and that you are unstoppable?

I wrote about SELF BELIEF in my soon to be released book IDENTITY.

  • (IDENTITY would be released before the end of the year 2018, it is a loaded book designed to break you out of every form of limitation, and to help you live a wholesome authentic life. It is the power book for authenticity and leadership)

Self belief is the believe you have in yourself and the confidence this believe produces.

The bible tells us that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. This means that even God wants us to break out from every self-limiting beliefs, mindsets and thoughts.

I had a lot of self-limiting beliefs from childhood and this stopped me from achieving a lot of things.

Today those self-limiting beliefs are gradually being dropped one after the other. And as I drop them I see myself achieving a lot of huge milestones that leaves my mouth agape and almost in regret of why I didn’t discover the many treasures hidden in me earlier in life.

Dear friend there is nothing impossible for you to achieve!


Believe in yourself from this moment and see the seemingly impossible tasks melt away like ice.

Deliberately begin to take on those tasks you felt were impossible and see yourself achieving them to your own surprise.

There are loads and loads of treasures in you, discover it and unleash it, the world needs it.

Come out of every self-limiting beliefs and box, and don’t allow anyone put you in one too.

Remove every shell you have worn one after the other and bask in your self discovery.

It is the second half of the year already what task or project are you afraid of doing because of your self-limiting belief?

The greatest injustice you can do to yourself is waiting for anyone’s approval to smash your fears, rise up and SMASH them!

I smashed one of my fears this week by moving from designing only the front cover of books to designing the spine and the back cover.

Trust me those two other part aside the front cover are the most technical and most difficult for me because it involves a whole lot of details and carefulness and I would rather stick to my comfort zone by accepting to design just the front cover of a book, or tell the client to give it to someone else, but I SMASHED that fear this week by going ahead to design it all for a client who appreciated it and loved it totally.

I was shocked at my self-limiting belief all along and how relatively easy it all looked after I achieved this supposed difficult task as believed by my mind.

I discovered I could be my greatest enemy by not believing in myself enough.

Remove every self-doubt that has plagued you all your life till now, and replace it with self belief from today.


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Thank you so much!

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In the simplest definition humility can be defined as the quality or state of not thinking you are better than other people, that is the state of being humble in its simplest definition in English.

Humility is a good thing, as a matter of fact everyone who wants to become someone in life has to have a healthy dose of humility.

Humility should be our in born nature, and we should learn to treat others the same way we want them to treat us.

However, our society in Africa has used humility to kill a lot of creativity in us. Continue reading HUMILITY

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*Drum rolls*Hadar Creations first author debuts his first book today

It is with great pleasure today that I share this beautiful news here on this blog, and with my readers.

At the beginning of the year I wrote about starting an online publishing platform for authors. At the time I wrote that article sometime in February that dream was not very  clear. I was just writing as I received. I knew I must begin first even without the vision being very clear. At that time I knew next to nothing about graphics and I was still trying to get a grasp on that thing that looked like magic *rolls eyes*. Continue reading *Drum rolls*Hadar Creations first author debuts his first book today

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Does your word make or mar?

Sometimes, memories of words flash right into my mind and I, all over again wish I could turn back the hands of time, that I may never have walked up to certain people for help. Maybe then, I wouldn’t have had to listen to such cruel, and unkind words that damaged my confidence and faith in what I knew I was gifted to do.
Let me summarise victims’ thoughts this way:

“I came that I may be guided, but left battered. All I wanted was some support to help me get better, but all that occurred was an exchange of my God-given vision for a piece of nothing… I needed the pain alleviated, but returned infuriated!”

Continue reading Does your word make or mar?

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The dilemma of finding spousal support in career and business for African women

Our African-Nigerian society has failed most of our women out there. A society that birthed you, cradled you, nursed you, loved you as a girl at your tender age then downgrade, neglect you as a fully grown young woman. It then tames you, breaks you down, renders you powerless, if not reckless. It then assures you it is OK to live that way, to be like that, to be broken, after all you’re only a woman. You really don’t need much to be happy, you just need to be married, bring forth children, train them to become useful citizens and allow your life to function around that little sphere. Much is not expected of you. Although you were made, meant to change the world you live in. Continue reading The dilemma of finding spousal support in career and business for African women

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Book Premier

Cyberbullying is one cankerworm that has eaten deep into the social media space amd there is no exception to who could become a victim.

The cleanest, scandal free and strongest people have become a victim of cyber bullying at one time or the other.

As long as you use the social media space actively you are not far from being a victim of cyber bullying because the truth is that some people will not like you and they are waiting for you to make a mistake.

The most dangerous part of cyberbullying is that it could hit you hard at anytime which makes it more dangerous, mental health challenging and often times life threatening.

A lot of people have committed suicide in the western world as a result of cyber bullying. Continue reading Book Premier

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The Deep Blue Sea

“I have observed something else under the sun. The fastest runner doesn’t always win the race, and the strongest warrior doesn’t always win the battle. The wise sometimes go hungry, and the skillful are not necessarily wealthy. And those who are educated don’t always lead successful lives. It is all decided by chance, by being in the right place at the right time. Ecclesiastes 9:11 NLT”

This was the thought and scripture that was running round and round in my head after I published my two books “From the perspective of the child” and “Life on the Street of Readlooks” in December 2017. As a matter of fact that scripture had been running through my head prior to then. I had over worked myself, I felt weak, I felt depleted, the race was a fierce one. I sat down and had an introspection….  I was running on a roller coaster, I had lots of sleepless night devoted to my books. I had a target and it had to be met. I had a lot of personal responsibilities also and everything was taking its toll on me and it wasn’t healthy for me.

I had also taken in a lot of toxicity from the social media, I was brimming with so much contained negative energy that I masked successfully. I sat down and made a decision, I was getting off the social media throughout January.

I didn’t  care that I needed to stay on and promote my two new books,

I didn’t care that the book might not be discovered if I decide to take the bait of “time alone” that was calling.

I didn’t care about anything aside myself!

The realization of this gave me an “aha” moment and I realized that self-love, self-care was what I needed to do consistently as an individual in order to continue to be an inspiration and a blessing to my world. That was one of the best decision I made in my life!

I had thought it was supposed to be a break where I won’t have to deal with any mental stress and all that, and so it was until I was taken on another journey of self discovery on a deeper level.

The Deep Blue Sea Free download

  • February 19, 2018

My eyes suddenly became opened to a lot of opportunities around me and I began to re-brand myself.

I received so much inspiration and revelations that I became full to the brim.

My brain was working so fast, I was happier despite the fact that I lost a lot of sleep, I was able to invest valuable time in my writings and develop a better strategy for my social media usage.

As a matter of fact I kept postponing my social media resumption  till now. I realized that an unrestrained usage of the social media space is a huge trap even if you are growing a brand.

I realized that the best way to enjoy the social media is to have a strong level of control over it.

I would be writing more on mental wellness as time goes on, and how to guard your mental health from anything that can kill your creativity.

I have a lot of tips, and my time off the social media opened my eyes to a lot of issues.

Till then, I would love to introduce my new book to you. It is an eBook, and I am launching it today on my eBook store. As you can see it up there, it is available for free download. It is about my experience with a violent relationship I was in about ten years ago and the near death experiences I had on several occasions in the relationship.

The deep blue sea is a must have for everyone, most especially ladies and women. There are lots of lessons in there, it is gripping, infuriating and would keep you at the edge of your seat, download your copy and tell your friends to download theirs too.

Finally, I am also creating a platform whereby authors could self-publish their books easily without the stress of  publishing and publishers in Nigeria.

Our eBook files on Hadar Creations Publishing is encrypted and your files would be protected against piracy. That was one of the features we watched out for before we purchased our eBook store. I believe every individual has a book in them and Hadar Creations is ready to help put that story out to the world.

The Deep Blue Sea Free download

  • February 19, 2018
You can also check out our shop to see the various Hadar Creations packages we offer in graphics and designing.

Please support my dream and vision by helping to spread the word.  I would also greatly appreciate your review on this book on the product page , and I would be very grateful if you tell your friends to get their own copy and also drop their own reviews too.

Thanks for stopping by, I value your presence here.  Please share this article with your friends so we can spread the word together

I am back to business now, watch out for my posts every Tuesday and Friday from book excerpts, to free eBooks and articles, you don’t want to miss anyone because it promises to always be educative, eye-opening and inspiring.

Do you know anyone who is frustrated with publishers in Nigeria? Direct them to Hadar Creations, we are redefining self publishing.

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Who is a strong woman?

My idea of a strong woman is encompassing. I believe every  woman is strong  in one way or the other even if her circumstances, choices or the situation surrounding her is unappealing to other women. And this is why I love Annie idibia, that woman is so strong.

She embodies a kind of strength that I admire. A lot of people have condemned her choice of getting married to Tu Baba, but she does not give a damn, at least going by the way she is living her life and carrying herself, I really admire her. We have a lot of people that seek to plant negativity and toxicity in other people’s lives.  People like this just have this uncanny urge to douse  people’s happiness or find a way to hurt people in the face of their celebration. The only way to deal with people like that is to tell them to shove it, stand tall and keep living your life on your own terms.

Continue reading Who is a strong woman?

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Motherhood and Mothering

There is a difference between motherhood and mothering.

Motherhood can be defined as the state of being a mother and having the ‘qualities’ of a mother. Mothering, on the other hand, can be defined as the nurturing and raising of a child by a mother – in the way she desires, that suits her and her child.

Mothering is not defined by any quality, or whatever set standard; the woman defines that standard for herself and her child in a healthy way that she deems fit. Motherhood is patriarchal, while mothering is liberating. Motherhood can be burdensome, while mothering can be easier, eye opening and enjoyable.
My experience with motherhood was when I was pregnant with my second child; my son was not yet 2 years old and had to keep going to school. My husband said, Jumoke let this guy stay at home. I am not always around due to work related issues, please save yourself the stress of going that far with a pregnancy and pushing a buggy all about the place. Continue reading Motherhood and Mothering

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