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Claustrophobia the devil (The final saga)

I am sorry dear friends for bringing this late contrary to my promise, please come with me and let’s  go on the ride of the final saga lol, you can find the link to part 1 and 2 here respectively HERE and HERE

My most terrifying experience with travelling by flight happened in 2013. I was travelling to Europe with a Lufthansa flight. I was elated because I have heard good things about Luftansa so I was prepared to thoroughly enjoy my flight. On boarding the flight, there were two hefty men at the two different aisle. They were not part of the crew, so I was wondering who they were. I asked around and someone said they were security agent placed inside the plane to ensure security, and “I am like which one is this again?” (what Is this) Well I shrugged it off and sought to enjoy the flight.

It was a very smooth flight and we were seated in four on each row. I sat with two ladies and a guy and everyone was watching a movie in their seat. At about 3 hours into the flight a nerve wracking turbulence struck. We all thought it was one of those turbulence that would pass away, it didn’t pass, it became worse by each minute, I switched off the movie I was watching, and clutched my seat in fear and trepidation, I looked at the guy beside me and he was very calm, the two other ladies were still watching their movies. I started praying solemnly, the more I prayed the more the turbulence increased, everyone  became silent with the sound of the turbulence raging and erupting like a volcano.  It was like demons flapping fans of war, people started praying in loud voices, the plane was tilting violently from one side to the other, my voice increased in prayer, I was shouting, Lord you will not bring me this far to leave me, Lord Jesus deliver me from this, help me Lord.

As I prayed, I looked around and I noticed that the guy beside me was saying amen, I became more frantic, I was like “today na today”(ok this is it) if this guy can be saying amen, then there is big trouble. I looked at the other two ladies too, they have switched off their movies and one of them used her wrapper to cover her head down to her feet due to fear. I was like yeeparipa( OMG) we are all gonna die today, this is not about me anymore, everyone is scared, and people were praying in different languages. I was screaming at the top of my voice, speaking in tongues and was so fearful.

The turbulence does not look like it was going to stop, in fact it looked like it’s aim was to make us crash. Then I asked the Lord, am I the Jonah in this plane? I am tired of this turbulence, should I tell them to throw me out  (as if that was possible lol) in order to calm this storm? Then I heard His reassuring voice, I did not bring you this far to leave you, that was a huge relief for me, I became bold and declared this word for more than an hour before the turbulence stopped. The light was turned on after the turbulence ceased, and the pilot apologized and said that area has been having a raging storm for some days now, hence the turbulence.

The ladies in my row looked at me and laughed, they said thank you so much for the prayers, that it helped them stay sane. I laughed at them and thanked God for seeing us through.  It was a smooth flight afterwards till we landed. That experience, shook me so bad and helped me get over my phobia for flight albeit not totally lol. I still get weary on flight, but not as much as I used to before that horrible flight on Lufthansa.

Same thing is applicable to life dear friend, sometimes some experiences shake us so bad that we want to quit and just let go, like I wanted to let go while amidst that horrible turbulence. I was already entertaining strange thoughts and felt I was the one the enemy was seeking, hence the storm.  It was frightening and scary but we overcame and there was peace at last. I realized that no matter how horrible the storm of life is, if we never give up, and we hold on, we would always overcome. Don’t give up friend no matter how terrible and horrible it feels, you will overcome!

Have a lovely week ahead.

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