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Dear man why are you ashamed of your wife?

Many a times, I see some men being ashamed of their wives.

They do not want to be seen with her in public, they do not want to be associated with her. The only relation that links their wives to them out there is their name she bears. Once they marry the woman, and she attains the position of a wife, she becomes repulsive to these category of men.

Same woman they were so desperate to marry, becomes transformed to an old cargo in their mind once she becomes their wife. They immediately put her in these box where she’s no longer viewed as attractive.

You see a couple out there, and the husband is walking far ahead while the wife is walking behind. It’s almost like the woman irritates him and he doesn’t want to be seen with her. Its not like this women are badly dressed or unkempt, but this category of men don’t just want people to see them as being married, it makes them ashamed and it’s like it reduces their ‘boymanism’ and ‘guyism’,  they want to remain in town, hot and still feeling single. They do not want to be ascribed the tittle and responsibility of a husband.

Some of these men cannot stand the sight of their wife’s under wear unless it is time for sex,  and it must be initiated by these category of men. Once they are not the initiator, even if the woman parades in the sexiest under wear to seduce them, they will not look at her twice. They despise her more for daring to become a seductress to her husband.  The sight of her under wear even when its being washed and spread repulses them. They are so enraged at having the woman take up their space with her womanliness everywhere.

The womanliness that some men adore.

The womanliness that some men would do anything to have in their abode with its smell permeating every nook and cranny.

The womanliness that gives some men happiness and make them feel complete.

The womanliness that some men would embrace and drink from its essence forever if they get a  hold of it, yet you have such in your abode and you despise it!

  Some of these men are also ashamed of their children, they get irritated if their kids cry or want their attention outside. They do not want to be stained with the poo, wee, sputum and tears of their children. You see them carry the child like one that has leprosy and dump him or her on his wife, you hear words like madam pls come and attend to “your child, or this child”

Some of these men would never tolerate their wife’s voice in a gathering, they do not want her to open her “wiferous” mouth to speak where they are seated with people, as far as they are concerned, she must not have a voice or an opinion. She must always remain quiet in any gathering they both are, even if she has a wide knowledge of the issue being discussed, opening her mouth to speak in such gathering shows she is disrespectful and not submissive. It robs them of their ego and they cannot stand that.

A wife to them is a commodity you chase after vigorously, and once gotten and settled in marriage with her, they become mechanical and rigid in their relationship with her.

Dear man no one forced you to marry that woman.

You should have done your due diligence before deciding you wanted to spend the rest of your life with her.

You should have studied her and see if she was the woman whom you would cherish for life in whatever situation you find her.

You should have known that aside the beauty of marriage and having a woman to call your own, it also involves seeing a side of her that might not be too pleasant at times.

She is not perfect, and you are going to have to overhaul your heart of any repulsiveness towards her and love her totally. You are going to have to stop being rigid and embrace her totally even with the blood and grit so she can blossom and bring more color into your life.  After doing these then you both can communicate in love and live a more suitable life.

The scent of a woman is beautiful, do not let pride rob you of yours.

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2 thoughts on “Dear man why are you ashamed of your wife?

  1. I love the post. I love the last paragraph Indeed the scent of a woman is beautiful, do not let pride rob you of yours.

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback sis.

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