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The Women Haters

This year is going to be a different year for women. I can feel it deep down in me. I said sometimes ago in December 2016 on a video I posted on my Facebook  timeline as regards domestic violence, and how abusers would be exposed in 2017 if they do not desist from their abusive acts. Its happening already. I have been trying to keep my head down a bit, at least till later or end of the month before resuming any form of activism or advocacy, but my timeline is flooded with dehumanized and defaced women. Just yesterday, I saw one posted by a friend, the lady was practically butchered on her neck and left to die by her boyfriend.  I see women who have been battered by their beast of a husband and my heart shatters into pieces.
 Love him or hate him, Emeka Ugwuonye Esq  is doing an awesome job. He has succeeded in getting into the recesses of the “typical Nigerian man’s mind”, and the filth in there, the hatred in there towards women is scary.  I see loads of comments from Nigerian men in the public group, the due process advocate (DPA) justifying domestic violence and how women deserve it. I read comments from wicked men hammering on submission. Men who obviously from their wicked comments have not opened their bibles in ages.
 I am not a prophetess but I know that lots of abusers would be exposed by people or they would expose themselves this year. The more these women haters fight to keep us down, the more we will fight back and win this obvious war the men have declared against women living right and peacefully, either single or married.

Sometimes ago, I had a chat with a guy, and he asked why I hated men so much, that I have no positive thing to say most of the time about men. And I replied, I do not hate men, but I have an intense dislike for men that hates women!
I have an intense dislike for women who applaud men to hate and maltreat women! Show me a good man who respects himself and respects women and my heart prays for him even without knowing him. I have an utmost respect and regard for every good man I know and see.
So who are this women haters?
You are a woman hater when you do not believe women have rights. I mean how selfish can you get? You want to keep reveling in your ability to keep women under. You hate it when women are bold enough to speak out their minds and conquer territories! In fact you hate me right now for daring to condemn your selfish acts of dominance! You are probably concluding in your minds how bitter a woman I am and how the women in your lives must stay away from me.
You have probably concluded that I am a bad and rebellious wife for daring to talk about issues like this.
You are a woman hater when you see an obviously battered woman, a woman who has been beaten black and blue by her husband and the first thing you can utter is what did she do!
You are a woman hater when you preach continuous submission to a woman who is undergoing domestic violence in her home. To you she must bleed out and keep enduring in order to save her marriage. You have no concern for her mental and physical health. She needs to submit and submit till eternity in order to make her tormentor of a husband feel good .
You are a woman hater when you are consumed with jealousy at any woman who happens to be your boss at any sphere of your life. You are consumed with bitterness at her position, and you carry that venom and project on every other woman who happens to be a subordinate. You harass and bully them, in order to assuage your anger at being having to defer to a female boss. The most unfortunate of your culprits in this anger you carry is your poor wife. She is going to bear the brunt of your being subjected to a female boss at work. The poor woman scurries for cover in the house at the blare of your horn in order to avoid the hot confusing slap you would dish out to her for no reason rather than the fact that you had to horn twice. She doesn’t understand that your action is a carry over of the envious infested blood in you at having to defer to a female boss.
You are a woman hater when you as a woman support wicked men to dominate and maltreat women. Either family or friends it does not matter! So far you see the men in your life doing evil to a fellow woman and you refuse to call them out and call the evil by its name, then you are a woman hater, and you hate yourself!
Its a new year and you would also be brandished a woman and self hater if you as a woman is part of the lots that helps propagate that all men are cheats! I mean how can you say this? How can you continuously help propagate this erroneous line? Are there no disciplined men? Have you not met any? Why do you help enable indiscipline and irresponsibility in relationships and marriages?
In as much as we would love to find a common ground with these category of men and women, their twisted and manipulative mindset whenever anyone tries to enlighten them is so exasperating, either they come to the table or not, women would be liberated from every shackles holding us down.
For a win-win situation, it is to the benefit of all that we understand that times have changed, the woman is no longer a commodity to be acquired, she has blood flowing through her veins. She is intelligent, articulate, intuitive, sharp, witty, knows her rights, and has become intolerant to any form of abuse. For the men to get the best of her, every form of barbaric culture and tradition that enslaves women has to be shoved aside.
Every form of entitlement mentality regarding the woman has to be done away it. This is the only way we can all enjoy a good and peaceful society devoid of hatred of one gender to another.

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2 thoughts on “The Women Haters

  1. There are a lot of women abusers in our society, sad enough that millions of women still put up with them all in the name of love, this wears me down. I was once a victim of domestic violence, all I have to say is woman run for your life. To those woman hater it’s so pathetic that our society most especially the African society is full of them. They fail to see any fault in a man mistreating his wife but will see all the fault in a woman who has been battered by her husband.

    1. Thank you sis, and thanks for sharing. It’s such a selfish society we come from. Women are always the problem, even if she’s on the verge of dying. Every woman has to develop self love in other to weather the storm the society might throw at her.

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